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CR19 with or without CR17 - Your country needs you

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Why CR 19

Article written and sponsored by MATLA

 MATLA is a proposed economic development movement for Africans that will be established with sole purpose to advance African Community Re-investment Act (“ACRA”).


CR 19 is one of the few politicians who will allow constructive engagement on structured transition from the current economic development system to African Community Re-investment system.

As a country we no longer have politicians who are in politics for the people but everyone is in for themselves. There are not many people whose personal ambitions are aligned with that of the country. The country needs radical economic development policies and those can only be implemented by a successful business person like CR19 – whose interest is for the country to prosper so that he can maintain/grow his wealth and he needs political power to complete his ambition. He is a successful unionist, negotiator, business man and astute politician; there is no better person better placed to lead Azania during the transition from honeymoon to reality.


It appears as if CR19 primary objective is power and not money. It is understood that he will use his power to continue to expand his wealth. Based on his history, it is believed that he has moral campus to lead the country and to do the right things. He appears as a man that will be willing to share the economic crumbs with the majorly while he and his network will be chasing strategic businesses.


ANC policies are excellent for the country if implemented. They are well thought off policies and if implemented accordingly, South Africa will be a better place. It is well known that ANC is struggling to implement its own policies. It should be kept in mind that ANC has experience in government and lessons learned should not go to waste, hence it should continue to lead the government for the next 10 years. MATLA’s mission and objective is to leverage on the policies and experience of the ANC while holding it accountable and ensure that it implement its own current policies.



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That been said, there is a need for long term change in economic policies of the country and during this transition, CR 19 is the best option to be leading the economic policy change. He is an experienced negotiator and the one who put us in this position (through multiparty Negotiating Forum. This makes him the most suitable person to be the administrator in charge of government during the transition.


MATLA’s support for CR19 is on condition that he continues to be committed loyal cadre of the ANC even if CR17 fails. CR19 is not about the ANC but about the country. CR19 will not happen if he is outside the ANC; the principle of MATLA is that if he wants to be in government, he must be a member of the ANC.


On success of CR19, MATLA will require the immediate engagement on implementation of community reinvestment policy. The implementation of ACRA will replace BBBEE in affected areas. MATLA will assist ANC to achieve one third majority to implement the Act. ACRA is the act that will force government and affected institutions to reduce “redlining,” discriminatory funding practices against low-income communities, and also replace the social grants with “Community Development Compensation”. The legislation will cover government economic cluster (plus SASSA) and financial institutions that are servicing Africans. The act will encourage responsible investment in underdeveloped areas and an affected institution that is failing ACRA score should results in legal ramifications for accounting officer/ultimate authority body.


The dark cloud in CR19 camping is the Marikana massacre. London funded the leaders of the strike to create anarchy in the mining sector and it will continue to fund EFF-DA, media and judiciary to push the issue while it is the funders and the leaders of the unions needed to take responsibility for the death of people and the collapse of the platinum mining activities in the area.


Competent to implement ACRA


CR19 is a successful business person and appropriate person to take the country forward. His primary ambition is power not wealth, MATLA believes that while he is pursuing his ambitions for power, he will be able to advance policies advocating proportionate wealth sharing by all South Africa. Unlike any other hungry comrade that will spend the first 5 years in office solely focused on enriching himself and his network, and repaying their debts to the West. Hungry comrades are indebted to their sponsors and will have to repay their sponsors first before considering sharing wealth with the people. CR19 already accumulated his wealth and is in the position to ensure that his first 5 years is down to business of economically empowering our people. MATLA is not saying that he will not enrich himself and his network further, but it believes that because he is well-off, he would not fight to get even the crumbs that supposed to trickle down to the poor Africans. CR19 and his network will be focused on capturing the bigger and strategic projects and it is hoped that he will allow the bottom of the pyramid to freely participate in the economy.


Capability to recapture our state


CR19’s non-African network appears to be Afrikaners and most of them feel South Africa is their country. Even though they cannot be trusted, they are still better devils. As the saying goes “Better the devil you know”. CR19’s black network appears of capturing a significant portion of the state. State capture by a combination Africans and Afrikaners will be better for South Africa for now, until African learn how to run the economy independently.


South Africa does not know much about the east and Russia as an option to move its economic capture from the West (London and USA). Africans have been economical captured by the West since the beginning and they gotten used to it to the extent that anything different is taboo. JZ tried to move the economic cake from London to India and unfortunately, London unleashed its puppet (DA, EFF and the media) on him. They discredited him and created propaganda around him that the people of South Africa started believing it as reality. The focus has been on few errors of judgement compared to thousands of decisions that he made during his time in the office.


In principle, MATLA is in full support of what JZ has been doing to capture the state; however it differs on the approach. His actions were revolutionary hence caused an outrage from the current owners of our economy (the West). The West invested so much in the media, EFF, public protector, judiciary and some ministers to discredit the president. Their investments in propaganda machine bared fruits and managed to convince the general public that what JZ was trying to achieve was a disgrace.


The move by JZ to recapture the state from the West was brave and necessary. He changed the trajectory of future of all Africans for the better. Africa must be grateful of his presidency because the brainwashing and money poured by the West to discredit him caused harm to him and his family. They disgracefully painted him as an idiot and unfortunately many of his fellow Africans believed the propaganda. He however showed character and he continued to fight opposition political parties, the media, his comrade from within the ANC and the public in general. It takes a great leader to continue fighting for the right course, against such a powerful enemy.


We acknowledge the arms deal, rape charges, Schabir Shaik, Nkandla and the state capture. All these are small transgression compared to how much suffering the West inflict on Africans, they are the ones supposed to be prosecuted in public justice. The sad part is when the West succeeded in pitting blacks against blacks, while they continue to steal billions out of the country, million times more than JZ has stolen. The strategy is to distract Africans from focusing on important issues of economic emancipation of Africans. After his term, South Africa must let Msholozi go and rest, so that he can at least for a change have a peaceful life at his beautiful home Nkandla, the house he spent the last 8 years defending.

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