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Article written and sponsored by MATLA


South Africa is in danger of falling in the hands of hungry and western sponsored politicians. It is known that London’s strategies are working effectively; first they took Western Cape, made it their white colony and used it as a base to infiltrate South Africa. Remember - pro Pan Africanist Patricia de Lille was used to consolidate power in the Western Cape by bringing in the coloured votes into DA. Now that the coloureds are converted, she will be discarded like a used condom. Why was a seasoned politician like de Lille not made to lead DA? It was because she was no longer useful and she was not part of London’s current strategic program.


The current program from London is to make DA acceptable to black people by funding EFF to support DA. They are sponsoring EFF to preach these illusions of economic freedom that poor black yearn for, while in reality they are preaching lazy, entitlement mentality - “free this and free that” and “take this and take that”. Unfortunately the poor and marginalised believe in these illusions that a country could be built by just taking (anarchy) and not working. Africa is for Africans and they should take their land back (and they will), however they must be ready and willing to work for it, and this must start with working within their communities.


Politicians must not preach the mentality of giving amenities for the sake of giving. Politicians must respect Africans enough and trust that they are capable of working for a living. Africans need to be given back their pride through opportunities to work for their families. This can only be done through the community economic development program proposed by MATLA and not the “free this and free that” program developed in the West.

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The poor and marginalised cannot be blamed for believing in the noise from organisations like EFF-DA because the nation is hungry and ANC is dining alone. ANC is not sharing the wealth of the country according to the Freedom Charter’s guiding principles. Furthermore, the ANC is denying Africans relevant education and knowledge to be able to separate reality from illusion.


It cannot be denied that the ANC has gained experience since democracy. The experience gained cannot be discarded because that will take the country backwards. MATLA’s objective is to hold ANC accountable to its own policies. MATLA will go into coalition government with ANC to create the real government of national unity – unity to economically develop African communities. The aim is to marginalise the arrogance that the ANC has developed, without throwing the baby out with the bathwater. MATLA will use tactically militant strategies to force ANC to deliver on its own policies; however MATLA’s action will still be embedded in the African culture of humanity and respect. The movement’s strategy is to mobilise the ex-ANC that still strongly believes in the real ANC principles and policies. MATLA will focus on the ANC supporters that became frustrated because of the ANC’s failure to implement its own policies or live the values of the true ANC- the values of Luthuli and Tambo. The target is those who are still committed to the ANC and do not have ambitions to be in government, but are not willing to let the country to be donated to London in their life time.


Even though the current problems of the ANC appear to be self-made, history tells us that it is no different from all political parties that liberated other African countries.


Political parties that are in the forefront of liberating their own countries and are the first to govern after colonisation are always destroyed as they learn the deceptive nature of the West and their modus operandi. Government is complicated and it takes long to learn; by the time liberators gain experience on how the West are looting their countries, the west will sponsor splinter political parties, oppositions, rebels and the media to create anarchy in the ruling party and the country. This is done with the intention to replace the ruling party with inexperienced political parties, while the new party is still learning, they will continue looting. They ensure that the new party is fighting with the old to avoid continuity, and lessons learned by the old party are lost. This process is repeated over and over again. This is the only way to keep Africa poor and in line. The West program on South Africa is to replace ANC with DA by using EFF. However this is not to say the ANC is not at fault. ANC made many mistakes, and this it became its second nature. ANC became an environment of mistakes and this is the main reason that lead to the formation of MATLA. South Africa needs a referee because ANC has been playing weak opponents and it has been player and referee. MATLA will not be ANC opposition but a referee to ensure that it follows its own rules.


London saw ANC’s weaknesses as an opportunity to sponsor a sexy Ben 10 to create anarchy. The rhetoric from EFF makes ANC appear as if it is not addressing the needs of the marginalised. Any reasonable person knows that their rhetoric, if implemented, will turn South Africa into a banana republic. But one thing for sure is that the rhetoric has highlighted ANC’s weaknesses and talks to ANC constituency – uneducated and hungry. It should be noted that when we talk education we are referring to real education and not certification. ANC maybe certificating many but there is no real education.


The uneducated and hungry are the majority in the country. They will stop voting for ANC like a married woman who leaves a noble husband for a Ben 10, forgetting that ben 10 is only looking for entertainment and money. They forget that entertainment is from the money she was getting from her husband. Once she escapes with Ben 10 into the sunset, the Ben 10 will realise that the money is drying up; he will drop her like a hot potato. Ben 10 will realise that he owes too much on accounts that he took to buy nice clothes and perfumes to impress the woman. The woman will be left distraught and will be willing to take any man that can take care of her. In this story, ANC is the noble husband, EFF is the Ben 10, DA is the man-vulture that will pick up the pieces and Africans are the poor woman. After the suffering and the experience with Ben 10, the woman will be a willing slave of the man-vulture. The man-vulture will abuse her at will and the woman will stay loyal. She will say “at least he takes care of me”. The noble husband would have died from a heart attack; Jesus would have came too early.


London is playing a long game and South Africa (Africa for that matter) is playing a short game. Once London is done, through - DA aka London via EFF, Azania will be begging to be slaved by the white man of God.


(This is to illustrate the point not to degrade women or good Ben 10s out there)NB: The source of above relationship between EFF-DA-London is based on articles in public media

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