ANC will retaliate with its own marches against DA/EFF alliance if they win election in 2019

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ANC will retaliate with its own marches against DA/EFF alliance if they win election in 2019


Offside -Independent Writer at Africanism Magazine

The Democratic Alliance (DA) protests on Friday, 07 April 2017 were protests by apartheid beneficiaries against democracy. It was strange to see apartheid beneficiaries, with their black servants, protesting against democracy… but hey, South Africa is a democratic country, right? The protests follows on the heels of their leader, Helen Zille‘s comment praising colonialism: that it was not all bad. The turnout for the protests proved that indeed colonialism was effective in colonising the mind of Africans to an extent that they will march alongside the people who stole their basic right – their land.


The interesting challenge is that the DA protests against democracy and comments embracing colonialism put unnecessary pressure on their alliance partner, Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF). The EFF, through its Chief in Command Julius Malema, regularly demand urgent meetings with the DA leadership to discuss their continuous racist statements and action. This is a minor challenge between two partners that are funded to distract South Africa. They will find an effective way of promoting white capital monopoly as long as the West is funding both parties to work together to continue economic colonisation of South Africa.

DA led marches are standard tools that the West uses on poor nations – they create short term problems through the media, fund them to popularity, and encourage poor nations to use solutions that will have long term negative implications. A recent example is when the USA funded the project to give the Office of the Public Protector more power, while London provided legal resources to the EFF. The problem they wanted to resolve was to allow the office of the Public Protector to charge President Zuma with corruption over Nkandla. The Nkandla case was a short-term problem; however the power given to the Public Protector’s office, is permanent. It is not clear if EFF comprehended that Thuli Madonsela was not a permanent public protector and that the future public protectors could potentially abuse the powers given to that office.

The march was the beginning of a trend that will destroy South Africa. This will lead to people not accepting election results. The oppostions want to remove the leader they did not vote for. It does not matter if the protestors had legitimate reasons to protest as they were exercising their democratic rights to protest against government. The firing of Pravin Gordan (the pharmacist and promoter of supreme Western economic status) appeared to be driven by the President’s personal motives. Unfortunately it is politics and they are personal. Pravin was a political appointed by Zuma and he could be reshuffled as the President wished - that, is politics. President Zuma had exercised his powers as bestowed in him by the constitution of South Africa.

Consciously or subconsciously, the Friday protest will lead to retaliation from the through its own marches against DA/EFF alliance led municipalities. Protests like these will become popular, and worse, if ANC lose the 2019 elections , they may not accept the election outcome and we all know where it will lead South Africa. This new trend will grow, take shape and be used by people with wrong motives. Rest assured, it will be one of the most frequently used tools by self-serving politicians .

President Zuma is a short-term problem for the DA and EFF, and unfortunately, the opposition are using long term solutions that will destroy South Africa. The challenge is that they are getting their funding from the same source and the President is moving the cheese from West, East and Russia. The two organisations are under immense pressure from their funders to remove President Zuma to maintain the economic cake in the west.

Unfortunately, they are creating long-term problems for South Africa

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